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Originally Posted by limbo696 View Post
Using a corny keg as ball pressurizer is brilliant, cost effective solution guys! I'm an old homebrewer and have several laying around, so I'm totally psyched.

I just have one comment at this point concerning the keg type: Yes, the pressure relief valve is very nice on the ball lock keg style, but it is also VERY easy to release the pressure on a pinlock keg using a a small screwdriver. You can simply push down on either the air intake or outlet valves to release the air. If you can find pinlock kegs for significantly cheaper than balllock kegs, then I would go with the cheaper one--it's really easy and trivial to release the air in a pinlock keg and this really isn't a significant issue, imo.
I as well use a corny keg to extend the life of my balls. But I took a different approach, where I drilled out the emergency relief value and slipped a long stem tire valve through it, and it works like a charm with no air leaks. This way I can use my air compressor and pressure gauge without any hassle. It holds about 50 balls or so.

The total cost for a used keg and tire stem is about $45.
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