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You guys ever work with a wingman? It does work.
And of course, you gotta look at what you've got to work with, right? I ain't got much, so gotta look harder.
BradPitt can pretty much decimate the field, without working very hard.
Which lead's me to an old opponent, one LarryMcKellar, who I played in the semis of my first C tourney, and the finals of my second C tourney.....and years later, BATL B's.
First match 1,5 (meaning I lost 7-5) and 1.
Finals of second matchup, 1, 1, and 1, meaning I won the first by breadstick, lost the second by breadstick, and won the third by breadstick...duh.
2 years later, BATL leaque4.5 or B's, 1, 3, and 1.
HE went on to become a respected lower level A player, one who anchored the SanPabloB team for more than a decade.
I quit tennis after 2 months, taking up motocross.
Heard about him 3 weeks ago, while SanPablo was playing another team, and he's well and playing tennis somewhere else.
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