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Originally Posted by anubis View Post
Either one, when set up and executed properly, can just as easily hit the ball DTL. Most people who can't effectively hit a DTL shot with their backhand blame it on an "inferior" 1 or 2 hand methodology. People that are envious of two-handers think the one hander is inferior, and vice versa.

OP: you should pick a methodology and stick with it. Learn how to execute it properly and it won't let you down. If you're having trouble hitting DTL with a 1HBH, then you're likely just doing it wrong.

But if your coach thinks you should learn the 2HBH, and you trust his judgement, then by all means: learn the 2HBH. But remember you're not doing that just so you can hit DTL. You're doing it because it's a fundamental mechanic that your coach believes should be adjusted.
i switched to a 2HBH from a 1HBH and i love it. the stability is so much better. and i can handle high balls much more easily. of course low balls are much more problematic now but its a tradeoff i am happy to make.

i just find that my current 2HBH DTL has less top-spin than my previous 1HBH version.
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