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Originally Posted by adventure View Post
He likes to present himself as an "authority figure" and always needs to get the last word in on any discussion.

He will bait you and then once you attempt to defend yourself, he portrays himself as the victim.

Just ignore systemic's rants and baiting
In most of my posts, I qualify my statements with words like possibly, perhaps, probably, etc. In addition to my own experiences, I've done a considerably amount of my own research on a variety of issues. I will sometimes present opposing points of view. This can hardly be described as the actions of an "authority figure". In any event, I will not feel compelled to reply further to this individual. (Pls refer to post #37)
In case you missed it, I actually presented 2 opposing points of view in post #30. I did not really take much of an authoritative stance on either POV in that particular post.

Who is really doing the baiting & ranting here? Look again at your post (#35) and say that with a straight face. Your unprovoked attack was off the mark and did not need to be made at all. Seems that you like to twist my words/intent. Did we have a disagreement in another thread? This seems all too familiar. Is that what this is all about? If not, then my apologies. However, I get the distinct impression that something else is going on here and I am wasting my time feeding a troll.

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