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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
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Are you below 4.0 level? Or new to tennis?
Once you start to play against some higher level players, up to say....5.5, you will find it don't matter! A slice with little pace can work as an effective passing shot, if it's hit low over the net, and you set up the volleyer with previous shots.
Yes, you DO need a fair amount of topspin to pass MichaelLlodra when he's camped at net.
Chances are, you aren't playing Llodra. You are playing someone close to your level, so a slow moving, no spin, even underspin ball, is good enough for a winner.

I love my one hand back hand slice DTL. It's one of my favorite shots.

If I aim the bounce to be parallel to an approaching opponent it's usually to low for him to hit anything aggressive IF he even manages to get a racquet on the ball. And if he does scoop the low, skidding ball off the court it's usually a weak floater.

There's also usually a little side spin that takes it outside the court away from an opponent. Usually I'll return an outside BH cross court but if it's weak then I'll slice dtl or even drop shot with loads of back spin.
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