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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
What was it that doctor's and nurses say about PT's?
Something along the lines of ..."well, with all those years of training, PT's would have a differing opinion, wouldn't they".... or something close in context.
Well, you're not in the health care field so hopefully you'll get this military analogy:

Doctors are like generals: They'll make decisions and orders based on what they see from satellites imagery and 2nd and 3rd party information.

PTs are like the infantry: We're the ones actually on the field, so we know the "ground truth".

Sometimes the view is the same, lot of times its different. Thus different views.

Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Now I'm serious.... Doctors make mistakes, misdiagnose, are human. Nurses make mistakes, misdiagnose, are human, as are PT's and of course, US.
Yeah, seriously going off on a tangent....

I didn't say I know better. I didn't say I don't make mistakes.

You said no one can have an opinion unless they have suffered the issue.
I disagree. I, as a PT CAN have an opinion. That is all.
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