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Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly View Post
Your post did not make sense to me since I said nothing about comfort in my posts. Your post implied that I did. And, altho' I mentioned it, I certainly did not stress the the cushioning aspect. Apart from that, if I understand the position that you were taking I wold probably agree with it for the most part.
No worries. maybe my post didn't come across clear enough. I wasn't exactly using the term comfort as in literal comfort from cushioning. I was trying to point out the pervasive attitude how people tend to deal with pain and discomfort. All they can think of is to get rid of that pain and discomfort, in other words, get to the point of comfort where there's no pain. I generally dislike idea of orthotics because they tend to mask more fundamental problems by soothing the immediate pain and discomfort. if anyone is genuinely looking to improve the situation in a long term I wouldn't recommend orthotics.

although cheap ones I tried a number of insoles in the past as well and some fitted my foot better and gave my feet better relief from pain and discomfort. but now after starting to improve overall body mechanics and understand better why sometimes I have foot pain, I found much better solution to that problem than trying to get rid of the pain. I just want to remind the fellow members here about the more fundamental approach. but i understand the value of immediate relief from pain so I'm not so gungho about it.
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