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Originally Posted by Dimcorner View Post
We are both 3.0 players.
I know the camera angle SUCKS . I don't have a stand for my phone and my DSLR doesn't have a wide enough lens. I'll try to make a fence stand soon.

I'm to guy in blue without hat. Let me know what you guys think.

After these hits we hit 2 sets of mixed doubles and then played another set of singles. Wish I would have recorded that one because we had a few +8 shot rallies going on (no lobs).
Hi Dimcorner. Thanks for the vid. Always fun for me to watch other players in the 3.0 to 3.5 range. As you mentioned, camera should be centered if possible. But the quality is ok and most all the action was clearly viewable. Nice editing. I gave it a thumbs up and subscribed.

(By the way, an inexpensive solution to the camera angle problem is to just get a cheap vidcam with a tripod mount and a cheap tripod. It's what I've been using ... total cost less than $100. I'm saving up for a somewhat better camera and also one of those fence mount things ... total cost around $200.)

Now, to the playing. Well, it actually looks sort of like a lot of my matches. You make some nice shots, but also make too many avoidable errors. The upside, imo, is that you look like you have great potential for significant improvement in the foreseeable future. Your strokes look pretty decent to me, but you rushed a few forehands that you netted. You hit some ok slice and over the top backhands (again, also missing too many routine one's for whatever reasons), but, like me, you definitely need to hit lots more shots, forehands, backhands, volleys, etc. in order to forestall those avoidable errors that you're currently making.

In other words, it looks to me like you have a good basic mechanics but just need more court time and hitting.

Regarding your serve, I liked it. Although a bit erratic in the vid, it looks to me like you have the potential to make your serve a consistent weapon.

I think a match between us would be competitive. With multiple rallies of multiple decent shots. (Because we're both improving, but neither of us will be hitting the ball a whole lot harder than we do now. Just more consistent and with better placement, hopefully.) However, I think you would win because of better, quicker, faster movement and much more stamina. (Unless I was having the sort of good hitting day with very few errors that I have yet to have. )

It looks to me like your physical conditioning and movement ability should be a huge plus for you, and something that will facilitate rapid improvement if you have the time to get out and hit every day.

Thanks and post more vids!
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