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Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post
Too often during warm ups I hear players exclaim, "Nice shot!" after a player hits an unreachable shot.

Either the guy is being a jerk and trying to hit winners during warm up or, more likely, he can't control his shots. Either case is not good but it certainly doesn't warrant a "good shot!".
I'm guilty of that. I'm actually being sarcastic much of the time when I say it (especially to the players who are trying to hit winners in a warmup rally), but nobody seems to have gotten the irony yet.

I play lots of different players, some of whom just haven't developed enough control yet to sustain a practice rally. These are the sorts of players who aren't necessarily trying to hit winners during the warmup rally, but whose stroke mechanics is just somewhat erratic, ie., not grooved yet. Typical of most 2.5s, and many, but not all, 3.0s to 3.25s.
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