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Originally Posted by objectivity View Post
i switched to a 2HBH from a 1HBH and i love it. the stability is so much better. and i can handle high balls much more easily. of course low balls are much more problematic now but its a tradeoff i am happy to make.

i just find that my current 2HBH DTL has less top-spin than my previous 1HBH version.
Yes, a 2HBH can handle high bouncing shots to your BH easier, but so can a 1 handed slice too.

A properly executed 2HBH can produce enough topspin to keep the ball in play. If you find your 2HBH is too flat, not enough topspin, that's not the fault of the mechanics of a 2HBH in general, it just means you need to work on it some more. You can effectively put plenty of topspin with a 2HBH, and once you figure it out, you'll have no trouble at all.

Good luck!
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