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Good post - greatest to watch works for me. I have more watchable time with Mac and Edberg.

(Just finished the 5 setter, US Open 92(?), Lendl & Becker - Amazing shot making, variety, competitive natures, flat & hard slices that we will never see again... and a night match at the US Open, on USA, with Vitas and Mac in the booth...)

On the post, one of my most entertaining GOATs would be Edberg. Next up is the 5 set quarters with Lendl - wow..
Edberg's athleticism, serve/volley quickness, demeanor and that era that still allowed s&v - now that is one GOAT who is fun to watch...

Or Mac, was it the 84, US Open? 5 set semi with Wilander in the heat... ridiculous ebbs and flows, shotmaking, utter variety, guts - maybe it takes an occasion and certain opponent to bring out the most watchable GOAT for each of us??
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