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Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
Superfeet orange better be better than Dr. Sholls. because superfeet is a lot more expensive. if not better then why should I buy superfeet and spend a lot more cash.
If you're talking about the "Active Series" from Dr. Scholl's, I have used them in running shoes. For $20, they worked very well for me- similar comfort as the SF orange. IME, the Scholl's insoles didn't last the life of the the shoe. I would go through 2.5 sets of insoles per pair of shoes, with the last set carried over to the next pair of shoes. The foam flattens out rather quickly and I can feel the drop-off in arch support, which is very important for me. I have have feet which are opposite of what one normally sees: Supinator with wide forefoot with medium-high arches and narrow heel. Wide+arches+supinator usually don't go together.

For $40, Superfeet Orange insoles will last almost the entire life of the shoe- close enough for a 1:1 ratio, anyway. I still use Dr. Scholl's in some of my more casual, athletic-type shoes.
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