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Originally Posted by librarysteg View Post
The worst thing is thirst and needing to buy water. I couldn't find any drinking fountains. I kept telling myself I'd refill a bottle from the tap in the bathroom, but I never did that.

This trip was honestly one of the highlights of my life. I plan to go back every year now.
I brought in a liter bottle (label removed) with water and refilled at the drinking fountain near restroom no problem. Also bought the overpriced bottled water and added on souvenir cup with ice for just 25 cents more. Didn't find out til last day that the cup entitles you to free ice refills all day!!! Worth it a hundred times over.

Early round are super busy and you can see great matches up close and stars practicing. The biggest names (fed, rafa, nole, serena, vika) never appeared off center court. However, those early rounds, I never saw them check tickets, so if you wanted to buy a grounds pass and chance 'em, I know you wouldn't be the only one. Depends on how shameless you are if you get caught and if you have any ethical issues with it.
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