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Originally Posted by RogueFLIP View Post
... In my line of work (I'm a physical therapist), I have helped plenty of people with issues with arch support and what not resolve their symptoms.

Of course the patient's opinions and symptoms are important, the problem arises when they become too biased because all they can hear is what their painful areas are telling them.

Coming from a more neutral standpoint, I have been able to identify and correct other issues (gait abnormalities, soft tissue restrictions, postural imbalances, etc) that may be contributing to the foot issues.

Now, having suffered through certain ordeals will have given me a unique perspective on things as well, but I don't need to suffer through everything in the pathology book in order not just to have an opinion, but to help people.
Glad to see that you've joined the discussion. Any thoughts on the minimalist concept vs orthotics that I brought up in post #30?
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