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Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly View Post
Glad to see that you've joined the discussion. Any thoughts on the minimalist concept vs orthotics that I brought up in post #30?
My problem with Minimalist shoes is if they have lack of arch support.

Lack of arch support was totally normal and good running across the uneven soil and fields of the world as our ancestors did. But not in the concrete jungle that we live in our feet have adapted to the stress we've put them under. 1. The Unforgiving Concrete World we live in. 2. The large cushioning shoes we use to try and counteract it.

One thing I love about SOLE is that our Insoles have shown to have the same ground reaction forces as walking baerfoot through a field.

So while I don't mind minimalist shoes I still believe and Arch Support should be augmenting them.
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