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My choice is as predictable as it will be unheralded in this category. I may admire the athletes, remain riveted by artists, and appreciate the attributes of a great grinder but there is something unique in Evert. First, I am drawn in by the purity and efficiency of her game/ strokes and inevitably rewarded for my patience. You don't necessarily see fireworks from her, but she demands them of any opponent who hopes to win. Evert is the great catalyst for dramatic tennis.

Its that discipline, that unyielding mind striving to contain, with clinical precision, every threat, every obstacle internal or external , that might impede her. You can see the wheels turning. The sheer force of her will alone, is a devastating weapon and it is palpable. I find it mesmerizing.

And then there is the shotmaking that can explode off either wing when she most needs it to. Unlike most champions, Evert never goes for the great shot when the simpl¨e, predictable and well executed will do. That is about the self discipline so ingrained. But do not doubt that the bold and the glorious are right under the surface. If you press her, you will learn how very undull her tactics can be.
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