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Originally Posted by ARFED View Post
For those here who dismiss baseline play as boring, you should watch Safin or Nalbandian at their best. If you don`t find that brand of tennis entertaining then you have a real problem. Having said that, i am a hardcore fan of Edberg and his style, he was the perfect player for me, nothing awkward about his movement or his strokes (well his fh could be a mess sometimes but anyway i liked it) and his attitude towards the game was just amazing. He would attack you, no matter the importance of the point, the surface or whatever. I thought he was perfect, until i watched Fed. Just one sentence, if you haven`t seen yet on youtube "Federer as a religious experience", go do it now. As a tennis fan, you owe it to yourself. Probably the greatest footage ever made related to a tennis player. A truly masterpiece.

Of past players, i believe that Laver and Ashe, from the little i could see of them are my favourites
I already had my owm religious experience watching Laver LIve
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