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I already mentioned, Bill is a perenial B player, a pusher, and one of the tournament referrees or organizers.
He might remember my name for entering A/Open tourneys. I never played a B tourney, choosing to go from C directly to A/Open.
GregShepard would remember me, having practiced a few times, he one of the A's talking to me when I was a C player.
ArtLarsen of course, but I think he's gone by now.
All the Louie clan.
Gil Howard for sure, as he had me practicing serves with his sons Mike and Kevin at his courts on Pine/Scott St.
ByronNepomechino, not one of my hitting partners, but he'd remember.
MikeGee for sure.
His older bro, fresh out of Annapolis ,was my doubles partner for one Chinese National.
BobMurio, son of John who owned the bar in Haight, hit with me, I filled in for TomBrown.
Talking GoldenGatePark, right? In the late '70's.
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