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1. I quit tennis after 1979, for motocross.
2. Both Raleigh and Dexter were hitting and doubles partners, at different events.
3. Rich was a top B lefty, not really an A, but he practiced with A's in GGPark. We played fun doubles against each other, and hit a few times when I was hanging with Dexter. D could beat Rich most times.
4. Gil's two tennis courts were on PINE St. and Scott. It was in the middle of a girl's Catholic junior high school, middle of the block, not seen from the streets. Mike got beaten by every lefty, so Gil had me serve to both him and Kevin. My serves worked really well vs Gil, who was a middlin A player with a huge high bouncing first flat serve.
Remember TracyHouk? I hit with her a bit, but mainly served to her, around the end of my tennis years. I think she got to be a decent woman's A level player later in the early '80's.
Remember GeorgePonticoff? Homeless bud of mine, cigarette in one hand, beer in the other, playing tennis with the Larsen gang on court 14 mostly.
How about the annoying BillShine, court 1 hog, a lowest level C player.
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