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Did you work at Wise surf shop in 70s, or was it just Veterans / DeSoto for pocket money?


Doc Renneker was here (UCSF Sch Med 76), and he and some of his med school buddies still live on the great highway

Bill Hickey moved to his Great Highway house from Pedro in 72 or 73, evicted in 2004 after over 30 years of rent control.

Wise surf shop, Domond Lee shaping, PeeWee glassing. George Orbelian worked there in the 70s before writing Essential Surfing. Bob himself shaped until about 73. Original Wise shapes are still seen from time to time.

Kdalle moved here in 76. Locals still resent him.

Jim Holt appeared in National Geographic surfing at FORT POINT, its a cool picture, taken in the 70s.

The movie "City Slickers" came out in 72 or 73, a San Francisco surf movie starring the locals, but especially standout Steve Pfeiffer who later got married had kids and thereafter wasn't seen at the beach much.

And, actually, a surprising number of others. Many of the peeps in my age range were here but not surfing until the 80s.
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