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Originally Posted by PureAlph4 View Post
Did you work at Wise surf shop in 70s, or was it just Veterans / DeSoto for pocket money?

Here's what someone wrote 10 years ago online. pretty sure he is not a fake

The Double Overhead Association could only be started by a loudmouth in your face charging surfer. That surfer was Domond Lee, one of Bob's early shapers when Wise still made their own boards, up to the early 70s. Domond started, and controlled, the board for years - it had to pass his scrutiny. Of course you tranny wouldn't know the real story. With respect to SF Surfshop...Bob has crushed every surfshop competitor in town since the late 60s. SF Surfshop has been running 11 years and still going strong, and that grates at Bob like nobody's business. He hasn't figured out that they offer custom shaping and he does not. Profits from that are not the same, but Bob cannot compete unless he breaks out the planer again, and that ain't gonna happen. He could have 50000 boards on the racks, and people will still wanna go talk to the shaper... The middle avenues are the soul of surfing San Francisco. But they own the other point, not the Fort. And the avenues...many of SF's best surfers live on the highway in the Avenues for obvious reasons...matter of fact Bob lives there too...he used to surf once too...and the middle avenue daryls charge the beach harder than anyone. I have full respect for Bob, he runs a good show, a tight business...but he the local surf scene for him starts and stops at his store's front door, and he is missing a LOT. There is not a lot of surfing soul at WISE, but there is a tight business unit.
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