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Nat Young is a legend.
Corky Carroll.
In SantaCruz, Roger Adams, JoeyThomas.
I was just a surfer who ducked work to surf.
Yes, couple of stints at Wises. First started hanging there on WawonaSt. shop around '66.
He moved to Vicente and 43rd, I worked there on and off, shaping on and off in the mid '70's.
I actually sold quite a bit of windsurfing gear thru that shop in '83-'85, but I moved to SanRafael and worked at SausalitoSailboards.
What is a legend? BillHickey knows me, as do every single good big wave surfer in SanFrancisco in year's '67 thru '85.
Yes, I"m in NaturalArt, the surf movie, 3 big VFW lefts, maybe 11' really, in the tube for over 5 seconds each.
Yes, I'm mentioned in KevinStarr's article that made NewYorker, and the first blue Mavericks book.
No, I don't care, I'm just a surfer who surfed so he could duck out of work.
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