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Originally Posted by ian09rush View Post
OK pardon me for being a newb here, I'm sure this has been discussed before some very long time ago but I don't want to dig up some prehistoric archive.

I have a very good touch on volleys and I generally struggle to generate as much top spin as other competitive modern players; moreover, power has never been part of my game plan (except for s&vs). Should I venture up at no man's land if my opponent moon balls me or rallies me? I won't wander up randomly because my opponent can aim at my feet obviously. However, in a slow rally, the other guy with more spin and comfortable at baseline would always win. Should I play to my string, go up and open up more angles/make the opponent comfortable? Although I know this is generally advised against.

Yes, if you are better at the net than your opponents are at the baseline, OF COURSE you should volley the pusher's high floaters from no-man's land. He might force you to stop doing that by hitting harder, but why not make him show what he's got?
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