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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
Are we going to be seeing a Cincy P1 Thread Year 2?
Not much else to add, other than it was great being asked to come back this year. Lots of racquets, long days/nights, lot of laughing, joking around, and of course...... lot of stringing. It was great fun. I'll post a photo of Federer in the stringing room when I get a chance.

Originally Posted by v-verb View Post
Thanks Drakulie!

Had an epiphany with my 99S tonight. I was playing one of my 2 regular hitting buddies. He and I are always neck and neck but I haven't beaten him all summer.

Tonight I was using my PS 125 (yes really) and fell behind 2-5. I switched to the 99S because things couldn't get worse.

Somehow things aligned and I hit 8 aces (I haven't hit 8 aces all darn summer) and started cranking forehand winners and won the set 7-5.

If you're on your game, the 99S is a darn good stick. I probably could have done as well with my PS85, but a few of my forehands just dipped in on the back lines
Great stuff. Sounds like you clicked really well. If only we could all play like that all the time. 8 aces is a lot, so your serve was definitely,,,, el fuego.
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