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Default Forehand Woes

So my forehand used to be good...

Like most things with a learning curve, it's all relative. I used to have a forehand and nothing else. Now my forehand falls apart in matches. I can hit a great forehand in warm up, but I back off in match rallies and get tight. Then the errors start flowing, and it's a long way back.

I can't tell if my opponents have gotten better, or my other strokes have gotten better and I just now notice the huge flaws in my forehand technique. For the record, they are all the same opponents, but we are all improving slowly.

Before someone recommends the wall, I hit the ball fantastic against the wall, and do it often. I am not sure how to recreate the pace and spin of a real opponent in a wall drill.

To make things more complicated, I have been switching racquets a lot lately. This troubles my forehand a lot, my serve a bit, and my twohanded backhand not at all.

I believe it's mental, but how do you fix this? I have a training hour with my pro today, and I will ask him to probe my weaknesses, and also my footwork on that side.
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