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Default Describe your club

Ive recently just joined a club, and am wondering that others are like out there, and how they might differ from country to country in terms of facilities/court types/leagues etc.

My club has 14 grass courts, 4 hard courts and two synthetic.

They have winter pennants, Saturday arvo mens open pennants (which I will be playing in the club's third team), Sat arvo and Wed night social tennis, Sunday veterens, intra-club and inter-club tournaments.

Plus Thursday night pennant training.

seems to be a good mix of social activities. Dont know how involved I will get with this though.

Memberhship is $340 a year.

While there are a lot of older players down there, theres a good mix of youngsters - which is why I chose this club opposed to many others around the place that are pretty much nursing homes...

Something I find weird is that the grass courts play much slower than the artifical courts. Especially if it has been raining. I hate playing on the fake stuff. Cant get any timing on my ground strokes, especially the backhand. On grass its beautiful. The ball just pops up and says 'smack me', and everything seems so much easier and lighter.

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