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Originally Posted by PhrygianDominant View Post
I don't think you can swing differently to increase it. The time the ball is actually on the strings is measured in only a few (4-7?) milliseconds, so there isn't much room either way.

Lowering your tension and playing with a more flexible racquet can increase what a lot of players call pocketing or cradling, but if the ball actually stays longer on the strings by any measurably significant degree is hard to say. The feedback at contact for the player is probably percieved to change quite a bit, but the actual length of contact is probably not.

This is my understanding of it, however others who are more informed than me will probably post.

EDIT: by the way, how are you liking the yonex? what were you playing before? I am playing it at around that tension right now.
Had a session with a guy yesterday who made some suggestions on my forehand, the upshot being that the ideal stroke is that your shoulder is moving until the racket contacts the ball, then the wrist takes over until the ball leaves the racket then the shoulder comes back into play for the follow through. Very interesting indeed and quite hard to put into practice given the tiny small dwell time.

Loving the yonex! There the most comfortable strings I've played with by a long shot (no pun intended). Durability is pretty good as well! Will be trying the 1.20 next.

How are you finding the strings?
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