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Originally Posted by dknotty View Post
Had a session with a guy yesterday who made some suggestions on my forehand, the upshot being that the ideal stroke is that your shoulder is moving until the racket contacts the ball, then the wrist takes over until the ball leaves the racket then the shoulder comes back into play for the follow through. Very interesting indeed and quite hard to put into practice given the tiny small dwell time.

Loving the yonex! There the most comfortable strings I've played with by a long shot (no pun intended). Durability is pretty good as well! Will be trying the 1.20 next.

How are you finding the strings?
I don't have a very good barometer because I just haven't tried that many strings. I previously was using SPPP 1.18, the only poly I have hit with any regularity. I know the gauges aren't really similar, but I volley MUCH better with the yonex. That was always my main complaint with a lot of poly strings, and the yonex has a lot of touch for a poly. I don't think I will even try the thinner gauge when it becomes available, I will just stick with this one.
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