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Originally Posted by chuckd View Post
Pardon my ignorance, but what is a pennant, in this sense, and what is an arvo?

I'm considering joining a club, mainly to hit and compete with a greater number/variety of players. The number of free courts near me is great, but my circle of tennis buddies is very small. There are three clubs that I'm comparing. For most part, amenities and activities are comparable.

- They each have at least 12 courts (one has 16). Unfortunately, all hardcourt .

- Each have a decently stocked pro-shop, though definitely slanted toward Head racquets and accessories (USPTA is sponsored by Head, IIRC).

- Each have leagues, ladders and regular tournaments for the different skill levels.

- Unlimited court time, two clubs include free ball machine use. Each club is also open to the public, so each have "members only" hours, too.

- Drop-in group clinics free to members.

- Fitness center & locker rooms/showers at each club. Clubhouses with wi-fi access.

- And of course, discounted rate for lessons.

Annual fees range from $840 - $1100 for a single person membership.
Are these leagues club v club, or inter club generally?

Something my club doesn't have much of is inter-club comps. Theres a club championship and that's about it...
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