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Originally Posted by AYone View Post
Recently having the same conniption...
I had my lesson today. We worked on my forehand a lot, and I have to say I hit it awesome today. It was easily the best thing working, and sometimes the only thing working. Here's what I did:

-We warmed up in the short court with hand feeds.

-I kept my momentum moving forward, this is something I can't always do against the wall, because if I were to do this, I wouldn't be able to prepare fast enough for the next ball. For the record, we have clay courts at my club, but the wall has asphalt in front of it.

-I actually elongated my swing and slowed it down. I started my takeback earlier, looped it more, and swung more smoothly. This is actually a good habit I had from when I first started playing, and I stopped doing it because I thought compact was better. Probably because I felt rushed due to bad foot work. Adding this back in definitely helped my timing today, and I continued to move my feet and set up for the ball while I started my takeback.

-I have always had more trouble with hitting crosscourt forehands than down the line, inside out, or inside in. Today I started to hit them with depth if I moved through the shot towards the target. Working on this one.

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A good recepy: take a bottle of sports drink of whatever, and pour out half of it. Then fill up the bottle with wodka...
If I do this, I will have to learn a 1hbh so I can carry the bottle around.
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