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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
a lot of it is mental but physical side has huge influence on mental. you definitely need to make your fh much better technically so your mental side won't start doubting your fh capability during a match. it's confidence issue on your fh by yourself. also try to make your fh more versatile. try to hit flat, topspin, short and big backswing, on the rise, low and high contact point, etc. when you have firm idea how to execute your fh for all the different situations you'll have more confidence in your fh.
I agree with you. I do think the answer to my mental forehand problems is a hidden physical problem I am just not aware of yet. I think that the balls I hit against the wall and fed by my trainer are all of a medium to low height, and have little spin. In match play they are definitely screwing up my timing because I am just not used to the pace and spin. My trainer and I are going to be exploring the limits of my forehand comfort zones in the next few sessions to improve variety.
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