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Originally Posted by royroy85 View Post
I second the Rebel 95 as a diamond in the rough, really underrated. Soft, plush, predictable string bed. I am surprised you found it unstable for it's weight? Were balls flying on you? What grip do you use and what is your swing style. I believe the racket really rewards for very early preparation and fast swing. I use it as my main stick and I have 5/8 full western grip but still get plenty of spin as long as i swing early and meet the ball earlier..
You're using the old rebel which was a fair bit heavier, and you've added lead. I tried the current one. I use extreme eastern grip with a heavy windshield wiper motion. The current racquet compared to lets say the dunlop bio 200 which is pretty much the exact same specs lacks plow, and you feel way more vibration through the frame. Not a bad frame or anything just depends on whats important to you. For me its a balance of comfort, stability and plow through, and the new rebel just doesn't do it for me.
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