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Originally Posted by TahoeTennis View Post
Oblivion for the third time. My favorite movie of the year, amazing story, characters, soundtrack and breathtaking cinematography! 9/10!

That moment of the film freaked me out although it was momentary, and i wanted to rewind and freeze there. IIRC, They said the exploding of the moon caused huge tidal waves etc, but from the pic it seems the moon is very much there although not in one piece. So the gravitation force will still be roughly the same.

Science books in my childhood days used to say that when the moon reaches a certain distance from the earth (2.5 times the radius of the earth) the tidal forces of the Earth will cause the moon to break into bits. The pieces would then circle the earth around the equator causing brilliant or spectacular sunsets. They did not mention huge tidal waves or tsunamis. (Roche Limit I think)
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