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Originally Posted by gavna View Post
Just rewatched GRAND PRIX (1966) and Le Mans (1971) AGAIN on new blu-rays
The wife bought this week in New York.

Two of the best racing and action movies ever. If you can watch both on a large TV it's awesome.

Can't wait to see RUSH in a few weeks......James Hunt was one of the highlights in the late 70s F1.
I, too, am counting down the days to see 'Rush'. I am a huge sports car racing fan. The 24 Hours of Le Mans is my personal Christmas. The first BluRay I ever purchased was McQueen's 'Le Mans'.

I highly suggest you purchase the IMAX- Super Speedway BluRay, especially if you have your audio going thru a nice audio system. The sounds of this documentary (I think this is what it's considered) are incredible.

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