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Originally Posted by timnz View Post
I would vote for Kozeluh and Nusslein being swapped. Reason: Kozeluh had 10 major clay Pro championships (6 Bristol Cups, 1 World Pro at Deauville, 2 US Pro's on clay or Har-Tru and a French Pro) whereas Nusslein had 4 Major Pro championships on clay (World Pro Championships 1933, 1 US Pro & 2 French Pro's). I don't think there head to head is relevant at all (I dont' know what there head to head was) because Kozeluh was 15 years older. I do appreciate the competition in the Professional ranks was tougher in the 1930's than the 1920's (in the 20's Kozeluh won most of his Bristol Cups).
timnz, I contradict.

Nüsslein won nine pro majors on clay: he also won the 1936 World Championships at Paris plus four times the British pro at Southport (1936 to 1939). But more important, Kozeluh was never the No. 1 on clay (I rank him No.3 for several years) while Nüsslein was possibly best claycourter in five or six years!

As you rightly write, the pro competition in the 1920s was weaker than in the 1930s.

Nüsslein had to deal with Budge, Vines, Tilden and Cochet; Kozeluh had to deal with Richards (not strong on clay) and Najuch...

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