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Originally Posted by anubis View Post
I prefer poly mains and multi cross. String the multi 4 lbs tighter. Only time poly should go in crosses is if gut is in the mains.

With multi in the mains and poly in the crosses, the poly isn't really adding anything to the party. It's not providing much more spin than stringing a full bed of multi. I would guess that the multi would snap pretty quickly too, but I've never performed long term tests of that setup.

With poly in the mains, you're adding extra spin potential and taming the power of the multi. With multi in the crosses, you are increasing the softness, power and feel of the string bed.
Have you even tried both combos? I have and I can tell you that multi/poly clearly gives more spin than poly/multi. Poly mains give lower power, that can fool you to think that they give more spin.

Actually multi is close to how gut behaves in hybrids. Coefficient of friction of multi/poly set Biphase 18/Hepta-twist 17 is lowish 0.075, on par with gut/polys. However, poly/multi combo of Poly-plasma 16L/Biphase 18 gives four times higher friction at 0.299, which explains my feelings: Poly/multi gives no spin at all.

And poly crosses add a lot to multi mains. They give the low friction rails for the multis to slide on and snap-back, maximising the spin. Full bed Biphase 18 has high friction value 0.224!

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