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Originally Posted by mattennis View Post
Santana was a genius, but overall I think Gimeno was a tad better tennis player (I have talked about this very same topic, Santana vs Gimeno, with Spanish friends so many times, it was a kind of hot topic with sometimes strong defenders of each one).

I am not Spanish but I've lived in Spain many years in different periods and I understand and even speak Spanish quite well ( I believe ).

Who was better: Orantes, Gimeno or Santana? An Endless debate with Spanish friends....
Orantes lived under the great shadwo of santana.he was a nice, shy, young prodigy who was almost beating Emerson at 18ĦĦĦ and sincehe beat Santana in 1969 he took the torch.But it was a heavy burden, specially in DC play, which was the major competition in the eyes of the spanish press and fans.

I understood that Santana was jealous and never really helped him, while Gimeno, a genle guy, took Orantes under his wing when Orantes first turned pro.Orantes came from the south of the country and very young moved to Barcelona and was adopted by a family and became a ball boy in his club.Same for Santana;another poor kid who was employeed as a ball picker .On the other hand, but Gimeno´s father was a tennis coach ( or a club´s employee I don´t remember properly right now) so he always lived as a youngster under a tennis atmosphere.

At the end the historical rivalry between Madrid and Barcelona came also to tennis.Santana came from Madrid and Gimeno from Barcelona.orantes, and later Higueras, came from the south of Spain but they moved to Barcelona, which has always been the tennis capital of the country and, possibly, the city with the greatest private clubs in Europe ( at least not grass )
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