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Default Offense vs defense - What is more important?

Hi fellow tennis players,

I am a 4.5 junior player.
I played a match today against someone who is probably slightly worse than me. He is a big guy and has a great serve and decent forehand, while having a very unreliable but not terrible backhand.

Usually, I would have defeated this guy with a fairly competitive score. But today, I lost 6-4, 7-5. I was a little disappointed with my strategies in the match.

Then I thought about my strategies today and realized that I played very defensively. I was holding a lot back when I started falling behind, and I was just trying to out-rally my opponent, and I didnt go for winners when I was facing some break points.

I used to be a very aggressive player. I would approach the net at every opportunity, regardless of the score. However, since I suffered a terrible lost in a tournament semi, my coach has instilled in me the idea that "the best defense is the best offense" Thus, I started working on fitness and became great at defense.

As I started getting better at defense, I started hugging the baseline and was content to just out rally my opponent.

But after today, I am not sure what works better: defense or offense. Obviously its good to have both, but in your opinion, what is the thing that makes the bigger difference?

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time
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