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Originally Posted by Mick View Post
i have a number of new wood racquets but i prefer to use this slightly warped big bill tilden racquet on the right. It still plays great even with old string

Few of us know how good those early 1900 wood racquets play.
The Wright & Ditson and Spalding Bill Tilden model is a classic especially since used by Tilden who was the best player in tennis in the 1920s. I have several in mint condition, they are incredible sticks and about 15oz of old hard wood.

BTW, Tilden won the USO 6 straight times and was in the final of the USO 9 of 10 years during that era. How amazing is that ?
Bill also won 3 Wimbledon titles and played as an amateur for 15 years, winning 90% of his matches.
He then play as a pro for 15 more years and had almost as impressive a record. 30+ years of world class tennis competition !


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