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Originally Posted by borg number one View Post
We can all do that of course. We all have our favorite players. I think you may prefer McEnroe and Connors. Yet, others favor Vilas, Borg, or say Lendl. They all have pluses/minues, from Tilden on down the line to current players. For me, there was never a player as exciting as Borg and as influential/revolutionary for the sport of tennis. His speed about the court, his passing shots, and the way he could hit a really nice first serve with that nice service motion were all things I would to be fascinating to watch. Footwork, flat groundstrokes at times, but then the way he hit the ball was compelling to me. His impact was huge, as was the impact of many other greats, such as Connors and McEnroe.
I look at all players objectively and have no preferences, I just love the era.
The secret in life and in tennis is to look at and judge things objectively and clearly, not to look at things through tinted glasses, albeit Borg, Connors or McEnroe glasses.
Only then we can see things clearly!
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