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Originally Posted by JAY1 View Post
Interesting article, I've read something similar before a few years ago.
Yes I agree we all other a natural bias, but by taking 'I' out of the equation, one can look at things pretty objectively. And only then can we say or do what is right, not what's right for us, our bias.
Yes, that's true. It's just we can't even agree on what is truly objective in many ways. It's helpful to also see personal perspectives and subjective arguments. It's what makes many discussions interesting in my experience. It's fruitful to consider both the subjective and objective in discussion really. It's also helpful to realize that even with the "objective" there are often subjective factors. Example, with major count, which ones does one choose to count in years pre-Open? Who has really won the most majors? That's an example of when even the "objective" number tallied may be influenced by what one chooses to emphasize. Also, the use of "I" can be used to signal to the reader that you are presenting a subjective/personal view and others are free to disagree.
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