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Originally Posted by vsbabolat View Post
That did not happen. Its only in your dreams!
Well obviously Dunlop had a version of the Maxply that had a stiffer hoop (as shown in the pic above) which would have played closer to the Jack Kramer Pro Staff that McEnroe used for many years, which also had a stiffer hoop. If this racquet was available to him, why would he choose to play with a racquet (retail Maxply Fort) that played completely different from the one that he was used to playing with and with which he won 2 consecutive US Opens? That would make zero sense.

I owned both the Maxply Fort and the JK Pro Staff so I know how differently they played. I played great with the Maxply but it was very difficult to control volleys or put away volleys due to the very flexible hoop. The JK Pro Staff, OTOH, had a much stiffer hoop so it was much better for volleying. They were completely different frames so I find it very hard to believe that anyone (including McEnroe) could volley so well with the JKPS and then turn around and volley just as well with the Maxply so quickly as the feel and control on volleys was night and day difference, and McEnroe's net game was based on feel.
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