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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
Do you know when that Dunlop Maxply with the graphite inlay in the hoop was produced? I've always had this suspicion that McEnroe may have used a racquet that had the hoop stiffened but painted to look like a retail Maxply Fort when he first went over to Dunlop so as to make it play more like the Wilson Jack Kramer Pro Staff that he had used for years which had a much stiffer hoop than the retail Maxply Fort, which had a very flexible hoop.
I've got a feeling it was as early as 1979. Although I'm not sure pj's were quite as good as what they are these days. I think it would be hard to hide that black graphite inlay going around the hoop.

I actually use that racquet when I play with a woodie. Its a very nice racquet to use.
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