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Originally Posted by PhrygianDominant View Post
I think you should take my comments with a grain of salt, because you are probably much greater player than me. However, I will say that when we make adjustments like you did, we tend to over adjust. I think this is just your normal learning cycle, after immersing yourself in a new skill, it is normal and probably beneficial to go a bit overboard as you did. I got the impression that you went from one extreme to the other, and now you are seeking your happy medium.

If that is the case, you know what to do.
This is a really good answer. It takes a lot of experience at any particular level (and more so when moving up a level) to dial in your aggressiveness correctly.

Keep working at it and you'll find the sweetspot with regards to defence / offence for each opponent type - then you'll improve and have to go through the whole process again at a higher standard of play!
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