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she hit today for only the second time since the stem cell shot and said she felt a lot better then the last hit a few weeks ago, just groundstroked for about 45 minures, we'll see now it feels tonight and tomorrow
Update (wife): 3 month post Stem cell/PRP injection, 4 months post surgery.

As in my case the 3 month mark from my wife's stem cell/PRP treatment seems to be when it really starts to feel better - as in that normal/good I am back feeling. It's been a real slow and gradual improvement but just in the past week she is starting to feel much better and more sure and confident of her movement, with little or no pain or "awareness" of weakness/soreness where her surgery and articular knee issues were. And the 24 hrs after playing seem to be much improved as well. We have drilled fairly hard 2 of the 3 past few days and she feels good. We play on hard courts all the time BTW.
In her case with much more damage then I had I am very encouraged by the results so far and if they hold through the next 2-3 months of increasing tennis (and skiing this coming winter) it will have been well worth it.
In my case (6 months post stem cell/PRP) I am playing regularly and can go 100%. I do where a light neoprene type brace when I play just to be safe. I have no swelling or pain or discomfort and my knee feels strong, The only time I feel it at all is if I do a full knee stretch where I pull on my ankle wirh my left hand and bring it back toward the back of my thigh - I can feel a slight discomfort but only right at the end of my pull when pulling with effort.
The next key for our results will be when I reach the 1 yr milestone, and my wife the 6 month. So far so good as the results are very encouraging to this point.

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