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Originally Posted by PhatAbbott
Thanks Andy for setting up all these matches for download. Its really quick and easy to get them running. My only gripe is the quality is so low.. I can barely see the ball on this one.

Would it be possible to increase the quality by 30%? Im sure most people will be willing to wait a little longer for the increased enjoyment of a better quality match.

A few hundred megs of space would make so much difference in quality.
Ugh .. sorry about this one.. the initial quality wasn't the best to start with.. partly because it was the first match I ever captured. However I am concerned that u can't see the ball. When I watched the match after the reencode it looked reasonable to my eyes. I'll bear it in mind for the other matches I'm working on.. the next one is the Srichaphan-Johansson and the quality will be better if only because the archived match is better captured.. but it probably will be a larger download as well as that one went to 3 sets.

BTW I'm assuming your complaints about quality are only for this match? I've had positive feedback for the other matches in the main (I'm excluding the Federer-Hewitt match as it's no longer available and it was my first!) .. Sorry if I use the first as an excuse but there is a learning curve!
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