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Originally Posted by gotwheels View Post
Mikeler, For PPA (and also DM & DNA) - how many pounds higher in reference tension than a Synthetic Gut (Prince SG/D for example) would you recommend? Based on 16 ga. I assume.

bad_call, Same question on reference tension for Multifeel.

Thanks for the help!
I have found all those strings to perform well anywhere in the 50-60 pound range.

Originally Posted by MikeHitsHard93 View Post
Mikeler, I have a new string for you to try and I think you would really like it. Pacific premium power x 16. Tons of controlled power and really good comfort. I'm gonna hit with it again tonight and see how it does.
Pass, too expensive.

Originally Posted by rdis10093 View Post
you and pv are still my favorite string dudes. I am pretty happy with current setup, buy do you have any new stout or ale recommendations?

hope life is good,
bests .
Thanks for the kudos. Good to see you back here. I don't drink beer anymore so I can't help you there.

Originally Posted by djNEiGht View Post
strings and beer!

also I enjoyed up&comer's thread...i believe he is busy with school
Yep, I miss seeing him here.

Originally Posted by rdis10093 View Post
true that. are you from purdue as well?
Me? I don't do the cold white north.

Originally Posted by gotwheels View Post
bad_call, The application of PPA & Multifeel [& DM / DNA] are for ladies 110 sq. in. frames and fairly unaggressive play. The one lady has some serious tennis elbow and I just gave her some Pro Supex Maxim Touch Classic 1.30 at 40 lb. constant pull, as that was the softess MF I had around. I think some of these ladies are using synthetic gut and would benefit from a good arm friendly, value priced multifilament. My reference tension question more relates to a target starting point with the multifilaments you'all are using that will help me in getting the girls going.

Thanks again.
I think Maxim Touch Classic is the perfect string for this scenario since it is very soft and also has a lot of power. Another one to look at may be Genesis Xplosion.
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