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Per ClarkC from earlier in this thread:

"Injured players don't count against the total if the injury is judged by a doctor to be career-ending. Then the injured player can be carried on scholarship, not play, and not count toward the total of eight scholarships, per NCAA rules."

Monica Turewicz has told people she is taking a year off to recover fully from her injury. (Sounds to me like she intends to return for her two years starting in fall of 2014)

Both of the incoming freshmen show they are getting scholarships (

So they lost one senior, bring in two freshmen scholarship players and drop one for a one year medical leave.

That's a total of nine scholarships.

I understood it the way you did, ClarkeC came up with an exemption, but this doesn't seem to fit here.

I suppose B Capra (or another player) may have given up their scholarship?
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