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Originally Posted by jean pierre View Post
Vilas beated Borg in Dusseldorf in 1980 a few days before FO. If he was not sick during the FO, he would have a real chance to beat Borg.
And Borg destroyed Vilas at Monte-Carlo (a much bigger event than Dusseldorf) that year, dropping only 3 games in 3 sets. And Solomon beat Vilas at Hamburg in 1980 just before RG, so by your logic that shows that Solomon would have had great chance of beating a non-sick Vilas at RG (where he had already beaten him twice before) that year right?

At RG in 1980, Borg only dropped 38 games in his whole tournament, and no more than 8 games in any of his matches. No-one, not Vilas, not Connors, not Gerulaitis, not anyone, had a prayer of stopping Borg on clay with him playing like that, or even making it remotely competitive.

Vilas was simply no threat whatsoever to a prime Borg over best of 5 sets. Borg must have been delighted when he faced Vilas in his 1976 Wimbledon quarter-final, and could use that match as light-hearted serve and volley practice.

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