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Originally Posted by Fed Kennedy View Post
If I recollect I went from the banana youtek extreme pro to the Tec 320...I think I will probably go back to the 320 at some point, I loved that racquet and do not think it has bad feel.

I might get a 325 though, then there's's not easy boys. By the way the solinco looks and feel like crap in the hand. It might play good but the fit and finish is a fail.
It is a pretty easy transition from the Extreme to the 320, IMO.

And, I agree. I think the 320 has an excellent feel. I just like the 315 better. I don't find the 315 and 320 to be drastically different in terms of performance. The 320 is probably a little better pure baselining racquet, but the 315 is superior in every other aspect for me...serves, volleys, feel, etc. Again, the differences aren't drastic - the 315 is still an excellent baseline racquet. The 320 is a little spinnier, but you can generate spin with the 315. It primarily came down to the plush feel of the 315 for me.

I can play with either racquet and transition between them with relative ease.
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